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    Solid Swiss hosting

    Get high quality unmanaged virtual private servers starting from 8 € with 512MB ECC RAM and 10 GB of SSD RAID 10 hard disk space or super fast SSD hosting
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    Easy to use control panel

    Al included – Webspace, Spam control, Backups, Email, DNS, Databases and easily configurable either with Cpanel or SolusVM
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    Advanced SSD drives

    Using only data centre grade SSD drives with enhanced power-loss data protection for SSD VPSes with consistent read performance
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    As quick as possible

    Instant deployment – sign up, pay and get started right now
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    Only Intel® inside

    Powerful quad core CPUs
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    Real Swiss Data Protection

    First class Swiss data center in Zug

Swiss Hosting - VPS in Switzerland

Get your free domain name. See here how.

Swiss Web Hosting

  • Hosting Mini for € 36.00 per year
    1GB Datacenter SSD disk space
    1 active domains
    2 parked domains
  • Hosting Standard for € 9.90
    5GB Datacenter SSD disk space
    5 active domains
    10 parked domains
  • Hosting Large for € 15.90
    20GB Datacenter SSD disk space
    10 active domains
    20 parked domains
  • Hosting Reseller for € 25.90
    40GB Datacenter SSD disk space
    unlimited domains

Unmanaged Swiss VPS

  • SSD 512MB VPS starting from € 5.60
    2 CPU cores
    512MB ECC RAM
    20GB datacenter SSD disk space
  • SSD 1024MB VPS starting from € 9.80
    4 CPU cores
    1024MB ECC RAM
    30GB datacenter SSD disk space
  • SSD 2048MB VPS starting from € 16.80
    4 CPU cores
    2048MB ECC RAM
    40GB datacenter SSD disk space
  • SSD 4096MB VPS starting from € 27.70
    4 CPU cores
    4096MB ECC RAM
    60GB datacenter SSD disk space

Secure Swiss Email

  • Mail Mini starting from € 24 per year
    1GB datacenter SSD disk space
    1 mailbox
  • Mail Standard starting from € 6.60
    5GB datacenter SSD disk space
    2 mailboxes
    2 add-on domains
  • Mail Large starting from € 10.20
    20GB datacenter SSD disk space
    5 mailboxes
    5 add-on domains
  • Mail Extra Large starting from € 15.50
    40GB datacenter SSD disk space
    unlimited mailboxes
    unlimited add-on domains

Benefits of Swiss hosting with SwissNode.ch

SSD only offerings and therefore amazing benefits

  • Incredible performance because of virtually instantaneous data access times, low latency and the ideal vehicle for small files or databases
  • Expedient data read and write rates of above 500 MB per second
  • Due to the lack of moving parts there is extreme reliability
  • Less power consumption and lower cooling requirements

Regular backups for OpenVZ VPS to keep your data safe

  • SSD Webhosting includes daily backups with a incredible retention policy (7x daily, 5x weekly and 12 monthly backups are kept on- and offsite). Additionally users can choose on their own for additional backup strategies directly from their hosting panel
  • SSD virtual private servers have 1x daily and 1x weekly backup where it can be recovered. Daily backups are stored onsite and weekly backups offsite

Learn more about Swiss VPS hosting or the benefits of offshore hosting.

Benefits of offshore hosting in Switzerland

Best Web Hosting & VPS Hosting Company Switzerland

Incredible data protection and privacy thanks to hosting offshore

  • Benefit from a solid hosting experience within Switzerland where your data is protected by Swiss privacy laws and Swiss federal data protection regulations (DPA)
  • High quality standards for used hardware and our datacenter
  • No electronic data exchange with other governments in case of the absence of criminal activity

As well as

  • High quality servers by HP which deliver superior server choice that can reliably support any workload
  • Guaranteed server resources for all hosting packages and virtual private servers. We do not oversell our servers
  • Profit from one of the best offshore hosting experiences available
  • Affordable offshore hosting and top offshore hoster = Swissnode.ch

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